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5 reasons to be a Binomist

More and more people want to get extra income in a new way, which has led many of them to specialize in trading. They must be willing to take risks and access the best trading tools to become skillful traders. In other words – they want to be Binomists.

Striving to be specialists in market analysis, Binomists are curious traders who study and practice a lot. They look for new challenges with the courage to find the best trading strategy. Those with the courage to face the risks of the asset trading market have a great opportunity to achieve their goals thanks to the Binomo platform.

What is trading on Binomo?

Binomo is a safe online trading platform that operates in over 130 countries, including India. Through exclusive trading tools, it helps traders develop their trading skills to become Binomists. Discover four reasons why you should start trading with Binomo today.


Convenient start

You can join the platform and become a Binomist in just a few minutes. After that, you get access to all the tools that are available there. To register, you input the email and password, or sign in via Google/Facebook, and choose the currency of your account. Read and accept the terms of the Client Agreement, and finally confirm your email. So, you get access to the Demo account, which offers all the tools and materials you need for trading.

Exclusive educational content

The online platform offers a collection of tutorial videos to learn from fundamental trading concepts to valuable tips for seasoned traders. The content is free and contains strategies, news, tournaments, and much more. Further, the starter tutorial explains the basics of online trading on Binomo.

If you have any queries, you can contact the support team via chat or email or head to the Help Center that has answers to all the FAQs.


Binomo Demo account

Binomists who recently joined the platform use a Demo account to get practice and experience in trading. By using it, they can try market analysis and trading strategies without the risk of losing their investments. Traders develop their skills and become skilled Binomists who seek progress every day.

Wide range of assets

On the Demo account, traders can access 30+ assets, including currency pairs, goods, and indices. Using various indicators, traders can learn how to make a forecast. Depending on the account status, Binomists can have more than 70 assets on their account, and try to apply various strategies.

Binomo app accessible from anywhere

Binomists are ahead of their time; they enjoy new challenges and break new ground. For those who live on the go, the platform developed a convenient trading app. Available in official stores for Android and iOS, it provides all the necessary functions to conduct trading from anywhere.

Join the Binomists revolution today

How can you make part of this great community? Simple: you need to register, follow the introductory tutorial; just make sure not to miss the one on how to use Binomo. Use a Demo account to test your strategies and put your market strategy and analysis into practice.

This online trading platform has modern tools that will help you become a skilled trader. With the Binomo app, you can trade from anywhere. Prepare yourself to face a new world with challenges, and discover the assets market. At the same time, be aware of risks connected with trading because you can lose the funds invested.

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