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After CERT-In, now RBI warns consumers of phishing scams


MUMBAI: Two days after CERT-In’s warnings over possible rise of phishing and consumer fraud attacks on digital payment channels, India’s banking regulator has issued a similar warning to the general public to ensure safety while transacting online.

“In recent days there are reports of users falling prey to fraudsters who are luring them on fictitious pretexts, such as alleged completion of KYC requirements, impersonating identities and websites of banks and payment system operators, etc,” the central bank said in a statement.

RBI has thereby asked consumers to not share OTP, PIN to and other secure financial details in person or through any public networks. Furthermore, consumers have also been asked not to carry these details in the physical form as well in their wallets or pockets.

“Safety and security of digital transactions are of paramount importance to their users,” RBI said. “The Reserve Bank has put in place many mechanisms to ensure the same by continuously and actively undertaking digital awareness campaigns.”


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