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Angel Broking IPO Review: Check out Anil Singhvi’s strategy for investors

Angel Broking IPO Review: After the opening of subscription of CAMS IPO and Chemcon IPO yesterday, another IPO has become available for the investors from today. Broking firm Angel Broking has also offered its Initial Public Offer (IPO) and it is available for subscription from today. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has said that valuations of Angel Broking IPO are reasonable. The price band is slightly higher, making it slightly difficult for the investors to remain assured about 20-25 per cent listing gains. The Market Guru advised investors to also look at other options like IIFL and Motilal Oswal – Angel Broking IPO won’t be able to get more than 5-10 per cent listing gains.

Speaking on the issue, Anil Singhvi said, “Angel Broking IPO price band is slightly higher. It will make the listing gains of the IPO lower and hence, the IPO investors of the Angel Broking might not be able to garner more than 5-10 per cent listing gains.”

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The Market Guru said that an IPO is considered successful when the listing gains is in the range of 20-25 per cent and for that a smart promoter keeps the IPO price band at discounted rate of 20-25 per cent so that an IPO investor is well assured about the listing gains. But, in the case of Angel Broking IPO, its valuations are not attractive but reasonable and most importantly, if we go by the history of brokerage firms, none of them have been able to make much money from the stock market. There are already 15 brokerage companies listed at stock market and Angel Broking will be the next.

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Singhvi said that those investors who are mulling to invest in the Angel Broking IPO should think of other better options like IIFL and Motilal Oswal. He said that from the valuations point of view, these options are a better choice than Angel Broking IPO.

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