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Anil Singhvi Stock Tips: Liquidity boosting stock markets; investors must keep eye on this


Anil Singhvi Stock Tips: Markets are bracing for more action this week. A lot of action is happening in the sphere of Coronavirus treatment drugs and investors must contantly keep themselves abreast of all happenings. In this regard, a Russian company has surprised everyone with its claims of successfully concluding human trials of coronavirus vaccine. While this is a welcome development, it still needs to be vetted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi said. The trial has been completed in 2 phases.

Over hundred companies across the world are now in the race to develop the vaccine and are at different stages of completion. There is no doubt that the vaccine will come sooner or later. This is the reason why the markets have discounted news about the growing number of cases and also the likelihood of vaccine coming to the market.

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The number of reported cases throughout the world has now reached 1.3 cr. The numbers emerging from the US are also distressing. Over 5.7 lakh people have succumbed to the disease. US President Donald Trump had earlier tweeted about flattening of curve, which has not happened as more cases pile up now. This was when the daily numbers were around 30000-35000, Singhvi said.

In India, around 29000 new coronavirus cases were reported yesterday, taking the overall tally at 8.22 lakh. Over 23000 people have died after contacting the disease.

The only organisation that could be credited for ensuring a robust market performance is the Federal Reserve, he added. The central bank has ensured liquidity in the system. It has been printing dollars, buying assets and that has kept the system flushed with adequate liquidity.

This has had a cascading impact on the global markets as well, he further said.

Going forward, it is difficult to predict the onslaught of this on the markets. It cannot be guessed as to how the markets will react.

Anil Singhvi Tips
Reiterating channel’s earlier position, the Market Guru said that there is only one way to trade in this market and that is to ride with the trend. And what are the current trends showing? A growing momentum.

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Another important tip provided by Singhvi is that investors must know their stop-loss. Investors should know the level where they should reduce their positions. 


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