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Global platform Fintech.TV launches Digital Asset Report India with CoinSwitch Kuber as presenting sponsor

Fintech.TV is the exponential voice at the forefront of innovation in fintech, digital assets and impact investing. A broadcasting platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors, it provides its audiences with an in-depth coverage of blockchain, alternative technologies transiting to public markets, digital assets, new regulatory policies on alternative and digital products, ESGs and sustainable investment in the global economy. A first of its kind platform featuring young, internationally diverse voices sharing their concerns and needs—framing their concerns and expectations directly with experienced top-level executives across public markets.

Fintech.TV network’s growth investors and tech builders deploy billions of dollars advancing innovative and sustainable products in the finance and tech industries. Having studio presence across NYSE, NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange and watched by over 850 million viewers through a global distribution on Bloomberg Television, CNBC Africa and CNBC Arabia besides the Times Television Network in India.

Fintech.TV’s recently launched prime show – Digital Asset Report provides a look forward on digital assets, blockchain, crypto, innovation, disruption and legislation/regulation. One of the most watched programs in the Blockchain sector, the show has been followed by over 8.8 million viewers worldwide.

In India, with the Digital Asset Report, Fintech.TV has launched the first show to highlight the strengths, credentials and potential of this new asset class and investment space. The early development, to the latest innovations and regulatory frameworks are being highlighted as a part of an interactive series from early movers in the space both for the investor and policy makers.

Kavita Gupta, Co-Founder Fintech.TV

Having strongly established itself as a voice in the ever changing and evolving digital world, the show has had not only the early investors, exchange founders but also Government stakeholders to voice their opinions on the revolutionary new technology and its future.

Kavita Gupta, Co-Founder Fintech.TV and host of the show, is excited about bringing on-board CoinSwitch Kuber as Presenting sponsor for the India Digital Asset Report series and said, “The synergies that Coinswitch Kuber provides as the first Made in India Exchange to not just well exposed investor in large city, but also to the tier-2 young first time investors, is a user base that is key to the success of this platform.”

She also agrees that Coinswitch Kuber is the right partner for this show, since it’s not just a Wallet or buying option but being an innovative product, with advanced technology in terms of ease of use and most importantly Indian-made, positioning itself as a unique partner in India. It promotes a user base of first time investor who is young, working class, IT savvy, small town Indian and not just a metro city investor.

CoinSwitch Kuber is a global aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges and has launched its India exclusive Crypto Platform last year. It already boasts of 4 million verified Indian users and is growing steadily. Some key factors for such an astounding success of the platform have been: small entry barrier of just INR 100 to start the trade, instant and easy application-based trading, safety features and no-locking in period, no-brokerage and, creditability of being a completely ‘Made in India’ application. The platform that has the backing of big VC houses like Sequoia, Ribbit Capital and Paradigm, supports over 100 currencies and has traded over 5 billion dollars of transactions.


Ashish Singhal, Founder and CEO, CoinSwitch Kuber

Ashish Singhal, Founder and CEO, CoinSwitch Kuber has expressed his delight in this partnership with Digital Asset Report and believes, “While digital assets are talk of the town, it is still at an early stage of adoption and there are numerous misconceptions around it. It has become increasingly important to educate the new consumer, regulators, policy makers and the general public alike. Being the leading crypto company in India, we decided to partner with Fintech.TV to bring crypto awareness to mainstream media. We are amazed by the work Fintech.TV has done across the globe in highlighting the importance of crypto for the global economy and the various benefits it brings along. We are sure our partnership will have immense effect in changing the outlook of crypto in general in India.”

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Fintech.TV

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