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Mid-cap Picks With Anil Singhvi: Aegis Logistics, DFM Foods, KSB Pumps – 3 stocks to buy, says Ashish Kukreja


In this COVID-19 hit stock market, investors are busy trying to identify the best shares to buy. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has stepped forward and deployed some of the most senior analysts to recommend stocks to buy that have the potential to provide bumper returns to investors in the mid-cap space. In his #SPLMidcapStocks show, the Market Guru talked to Ashish Kukreja, MD, Craft Wealth Management about his mid-cap picks and Kukreja replied with these three — Aegis Logistics, DFM Foods and KSB Pumps.  

On Anil Singhvi’s query about his long-term pick, Ashish Kukreja replied, “My long-term pick in mid-cap space is Aegis Logistics. The stocks has strong capacity buildup and has monopolistic business. It is showing 25 to 30 per cent ROC, which reflects about the strong fundamentals of the Aegis Logistics shares. I suggest stock market investors to buy this share at current levels of Rs 182.30 for Rs 300 target in near one year time horizon.”

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Speaking on his positional call or short-term pick, Kekreja said, “My positional pick or mid-term pick is DFM Foods. It has recently attracted private equity which augurs well for the company and the stock. Currently, it is trading at Rs 189 per stock levels and one can easily hold this counter for next 6 months to 12 months and pocket higher returns.”

On his short-term pick, Kukreja said, “My short-term pick in mid-cap segment is KSB Pumps. It’s a Multi National Company (MNC), which is based in Germany. The KSB stock is showing a good breakout on the daily chart and I recommend investors to buy KSB Pumps at current Rs 528 per stock levels for higher returns.”

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Kukreja said that it may give higher returns in between short-term to mid-term time horizon and one should hold the stock even if it doesn’t give that much returns in the short-term.


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