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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: Agrotech, Hawkins to Sasken, 3 best stocks to buy to make money


Stock markets are on a yo-yo course and it is turning increasingly tough to chart trends. However, analysts are saying there is money to be made in this situation too. In today’s edition of Special Mid-Cap Picks show with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi, market analyst Sandeep Jain recommended three stocks which he said have great potential to give bumper returns to investors. Here we provide the reasons and reveal the strategic plan to buy these stocks to get a real chance to make some real good money. 

  Top Stocks To Buy: Agrotech Foods 

Jain picked Agrotech Foods as his top stock to buy with a long term view. Calling it an excellent company, the analyst said that its products have been consumed in significant quantities amid the lockdown period. The maker of Sundrop oil and Act 2 popcorn, is worth a look and investors must go with this company, he said. The company’s growth is around 9-10 per cent while the profit growth is around 13-14 percent.This stock is currently trading around Rs 650. He puts the target price at Rs 720. 

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Top Stocks To Buy: Hawkins Cookers

The technical analyst also picked Hawkins Cookers as another best stock to buy. The stock is currently trading at around Rs 4290. The company has sold 95 million pressure cookers all over the world. The return on capital is 63 per cent while the return on equity is 56 percent. Its dividend yield is 2 per cent. The Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have a substantial stake in this company. This stock can be bought for a target price of Rs 4750. 

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Top Stocks To Buy: Sasken Technologies

As for the best short term pick, Jain picked Sasken Technologies  today – a company which is into IT services. It is an excellent company with services related to product engineering and digital transformation. This company’s stock is available at a PE multiple of 10. The stock is currently trading at around Rs 599. The growth on capital is around 16 per cent, return on capital employed is around 20 per cent and is also debt free. Dividend yield is around 3.5 per cent. This will be in flavour, going forward as it caters to the telecom sector, he added. It has given its highest ever quarterly profits in the June quarter. He puts the target price at Rs 670.


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