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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: AIA Engineering, GAEL to Vinyl Chemicals, 3 stocks to get bumper returns from


In today’s episode of #Spl MidcapStocks show with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi, market expert Himanshu Gupta recommended three more mid-cap stocks with long term, positional medium term and short term views. These stocks have the potential to get big gains for the investors, he said. Know what is working for these stocks here!

Top Stocks To Buy: AIA Engineering

Today, Gupta recommended AIA Engineering with a long term view. The technical set of this stock is quite strong with indications of a fresh upside trend. From the short term view on the charts, this stock has given a breakout from the triple bottom continuation pattern. This breakout is on the back of strong consolidation, he said. Going forward, a very strong upside is expected in AIA Engineering stock. It has also been trading in good volumes for over a few weeks. It is currently trading around Rs 1838. He puts a target price between Rs 2200 and Rs 2250 over next few weeks. The immediate stop loss is Rs 1740-Rs 1750.

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Top Stocks To Buy: Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited   

The technical analyst picked Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (GAEL) with a positional medium term view. This stocks is currently trading around Rs 197. GAEL is into the food export business. The government has been announcing new incentives and schemes for this sector and this company is likely to benefit from them, he opined. In terms of technical parameters, this chart has come out of the resistance zone around Rs 180-185. The current momentum and volumes will add pace to its ongoing movement. He recommends buying at current levels. The target price is Rs 240. He puts the stop loss at Rs 180.  

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Top Stocks To Buy: Vinyl Chemicals (India) 

The technical analyst picked Vinyl Chemicals (India) with a near term view. Gupta said that this stock is currently trading around Rs 115. The reason for recommending this stock is that it has seen a breakout today, he said. The position on charts suggest that this stock is close to its life time high levels. The stock is therefore, ready to make new highs, he added. He puts the stop loss at Rs 105 while the target price at Rs 130-135. He said that the chart has the potential to test levels around Rs 150.  


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