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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: Analyst Ambareesh Baliga reveals top 3 stocks for bumper returns


In these tough times, everyone is looking for outstanding returns on investment. So, if you are planning to buy mid-cap stocks to earn bumper returns, but don’t know which ones to buy, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has made the job easier for you. Revealed today are top stock picks in mid-cap space that will give amazing returns. Three stocks are revealed, one each for short-term, positional medium-term and long-term investment view.

 Analyst Ambareesh Baliga was on Zee Business TV today and his top pick with a long-term view is Jyothi Labs  – a company with strong presence in home and personal care segment. The manufacturer of household products like Ujala and Margo soap has 26 manufacturing facilities across the country with over 5000 stockists. It has a reach of 9-10 lakh retailers. The company has been a very consistent performer in the last 5-6 years, he said. The emphasis on hygiene has increased in the coronavirus pandemic situation underlines its importance. He puts the target price at Rs 195.

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 Baliga recommends Vodafone Idea as the positional stock with a medium-term view. He said that the stock was seeing a lot of action. There were doubts about this stock when it was valued around Rs 3-4. He further said that Vodafone will survive and it will probably be able to convince Supreme Court on AGR payment. The survival of Vodafone Idea is also important for the government. A favourable apex court decision could take the stock price to Rs 16-18.

As for short-term view, Baliga recommends Emami, which is into healthcare and hair care business. He said that the volume growth of products for the company will likely be strong in the next 2 quarters because of chances of mild winter. Its products are used significantly more during summers, he said.

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He puts the stop-loss at Rs 214. The group has sold its cement business which will give promoters a cash flow of Rs 2500 cr. This could be used by the promoters to reduce their pledge and acts as a trigger for the stock. Amid Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare is likely to benefit.


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