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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: Buy BASF, MCX, Tinplate? Analyst Rajesh Palviya reveals why you should


If you are interested in equities and are looking for viable investment options, this stock recommendation by Zee Business market expert will be of interest to you. Considering the mood of the markets and emerging trends, the channel has been recommending stocks in the mid cap space for bumper returns. See what this expert reveals to Managing Editor Anil Singhvi!

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 Analyst Rajesh Palviya picks BASF as his top pick in the mid-cap space with a long term view. The stock has given a breakout from the one year consolidation. Even the trading volumes are very encouraging for the stocks, he said. The stock is currently trading around Rs 1272. It has the potential to reach the target of Rs 1400- Rs 1440, he adds. The investors should buy this stock in the range between Rs 1245 and Rs 1265. The stock should be accumulated even if there is a minor corrective action. Palviya puts the stop loss at Rs 1210.

The positional mid-cap pick with a medium term view for this analyst is MCX. The stock has seen a base formation. It has seen a consolidation after seeing a rally. The stock is trading around Rs 1276 and is poisedto give good returns if bought with a positional view. He puts the target price of in a range of Rs 1360-1380. His suggestion to investors is to accumulate the stock even if there is some downturn because of market volatility. There is a strong support on this stock in the range of Rs 1220- Rs 1230.

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As for a stock with a short term view, Palviya picks Tinplate. The stocks has been consolidating over the last two weeks. It is trading above the long term moving average, he said. He suggests the investors to Buy Tinplate at the existing levels with a stop loss of Rs 113. The short term target is Rs 134 – Rs 136.       


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