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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: Expert Ashish Kukreja recommends these 3 stocks to buy


Financial Services sector is seeing a shift and the companies in the stock broking space may see a healthy traction in the long term, market expert Ashish Kukreja told Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi today. While recommending a top stock from this segment in the mid-cap space for investors, the technical analyst also suggested two more stocks – one each from the pharmaceutical sector and heavy engineering sector. Know why stocks from these sectors have good potential in the long, medium and short term.  

Top Stocks To Buy: Motilal Oswal

Market analyst Kukreja said that the financial services sector is witnessing a big shift and Motilal Oswal is one of the top broking services companies in the country. Though this stock is currently trading around Rs 650, it deserves a higher valuation. Retail trading segment is growing and the people have now started investing wisely. This trend is there to stay which makes this stock a good buy. The stock price can reach a target of between Rs 800 and Rs 1000 in the long term.

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Top Stocks To Buy: Sanofi India

The technical analyst picked his positional medium term stock from a pharma sector. Kukreja said that Sanofi India was a quality stock. The biggest bonanza for this stock could be vaccine (Coronavirus), and there are quite high chances of that happening. The company’s domestic business is doing very well and its management has said the production capacity has reached the pre-Covid levels. The recent product launches have also been doing well. The stock is currently trading around Rs 7750 and has the potential to attain levels around Rs 8500-Rs 9000.    

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Top Stocks To Buy: Isgec Heavy Engineering

As for short term, the analyst picked Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd. The stock trades on the BSE. The India-China factor could have a significant bearing on this engineering stock, he said. This company serves the power sector and is of sound quality, he said. It has multiple Joint Ventures with Japanese companies, which aids its cause. The stock is currently trading around Rs 269. The target price of this stock is Rs 350.


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