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Mid-cap Picks With Anil Singhvi: Himanshu Gupta recommends these 3 money-making shares to buy


When the stock market is volatile and showing some signs of pull-back, it’s better to pick mid-cap shares. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi, for the last one month, has been suggesting best mid-cap shares with strong technical and fundamentals to buy through the #SPLMidcapStocks show. The objective behind this mid-cap picks-centred show is to get bumper returns at small investments as some of these stocks are low priced. In this regard Anil Singhvi asked Himanshu Gupta today, to suggest three mid-cap shares and the expert responded with these — SPCI, Avenue Supermarts and Karnataka Bank or KPK.

On Anil Singhvi’s query on his long-term mid-cap pick, Himanshu Gupta said, “My long-term pick is SPIC. In the last 2-3 months, the SPIC share price has shown V-shaped recovery after making its bottom of Rs 10 per stock levels. I suggest to buy SPIC shares at current market price of Rs 24 for the target of Rs 38 to Rs 40 in next 4-6 months.” However, he said that there can be some profit-booking in the counter and if it comes around Rs 22 mark, then one can add more instead of getting into the panic mode. He said investors must maintain stop-loss at Rs 18.

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On his positional pick or mid-term pick in the mid-cap segment, Gupta said, “My mid-term pick is Avenue Supermarts. The counter has made a higher high and high low range, which makes it a perfect pick for the mid-term stock.  I would recommend investors to buy the counter at current levels for the immediate target of Rs 2,550 and once the counter hits this target we will review the position of the counter further for the next target of Rs 2,700 to Rs 2,750 per stock levels. However, I would advise investors to maintain the stop-loss at Rs 2,300 levels.”

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While replying to Anil Singhvi’s query on his short-term pick, Himanshu Gupta said, “My short-term pick is Karnataka Bank. The mid-cap banking counter has strong support at Rs 37-38 levels. It has recently registered smart delivery volumes. Currently, it has a small hurdle at R 49 levels but once it breaks this levels, it will soon showcase Rs 54-56 per stock levels.” He advised investors to maintain the stop loss at Rs 42 per stock levels while taking position in the counter.


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