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Mid-cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: Siddharth Sedani recommends 3 top money-making shares


Amid a pull-back rally on the Indian indices, investors need help to identify the best stock picks possible that carry the least risk and promise the best returns. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has stepped into this tough space and charted a path where investors can get to know about the best stocks to buy. These stocks have been thoroughly researched by experts and have been presented in the #SPLMidcapStocks show. In this show, Anil Singhvi today asked Anand Rathi Securities expert Siddharth Sedani to give three mid-cap shares that an investor can buy and he came up these names  — Vinati Organics, Dr Lal Pathlabs and Orient Electric.

Replying to Anil Singhvi’s query on long-term mid-cap picks, Siddharth Sedani said, “My long-term pick in the mid-cap segment is Vinati Organics. The company is a global leader in the chemical space as the US companies have shut down in the recent times. So, the company is poised to get better business and keeping 15 per cent growth and 25 per cent revenue growth of the company in mind, one can buy this share for the target of Rs 1,350 per stock levels in one year time horizon.” Vinati Organics shares closed at Rs 1,020 per stock mark today.

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On his positional and short-term call in mid-cap segment, Sedani told Anil Singhvi, “My positional call or the mid-term call in mid-cap stock segment is Orient Electric. The company has strong cash flow and is a market leader in consumer durable space. In fans market in India, it has around 50 per cent market share that reflects the strong fundamentals of the company. One can buy Orient Electric shares for a target of Rs 219 in mid-term perspective.” Orient Electric shares closed at Rs 177 today.

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Speaking on his short-term pick in mid-cap segment, Sedani said that his mid-cap short-term pick is Dr Lal Pathlabs, which is a market leader in its lab testing space. “One can buy the counter for a target of Rs 1,990 to Rs 2,000 mark keeping in view its strong revenue and profitability expected this year due to the rise in lab testing business,” concluded Sedani.


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