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Nifty outlook with Anil Singhvi: Markets settling down; likely to remain range bound

Nifty outlook: The stock markets have been trading in a range-bound manner with stocks from specific sectors showing action, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi said, commenting upon the market movements. Likening the scenario to the batting style of former cricketers Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman, Singhvi said that though the markets may look slow, they are not out of action.  

The Managing Editor said that the stock markets have this characteristic that they cannot remain volatile for long periods nor can they trade in a range bound manner for long.

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The US markets are experiencing volatility while the Indian markets have also shown volatility in some amount. He said that the interesting thing is that the volatility is on the intraday basis and not on the overnight basis. This is an indication that the volatility is coming down, he said.  

The volatility is maximum when the markets open with a big gap either upwards or downwards. 

The first volatility is at the time of opening while the next volatility is during the intraday trading.  

After trading with extreme volatility, the markets may tend to trade with subdued pace over the next week.  

The only risk is the monthly expiry on Thursday next week. The monthly expiry also throws up a lot of data, he said. It is easier to predict the market with this data. 

There are other risks which may prop up the volatility like an adverse news from the border. The markets are gradually showing tendencies to settle. Even Bank Nifty has been trading within a range of 22100-22500. Nifty is trading in the range of 11400-11550.

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Today is the last trading of the week and it is unlikely that the Nifty will breach this range in one way or the other. Overall, the Market is showing interesting moves, the Market Guru said. 

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