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No need to panic! Anil Singhvi explains how to deal with stock market decline, says look beyond numbers


Investors should not panic and stick to their strategy even if there is a negative sentiment in the stock markets, believes Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi. His tip came after Sensex tumbled over 300 points in early trade on Thursday tracking losses in index-heavyweights HDFC twins, Infosys and ICICI Bank ahead of the expiry of June derivatives. Similarly, NSE Nifty fell 99.10 points, or 0.96 per cent, to 10,206.20. Weak cues from global markets also weighed on investor sentiment.

What is notable, Singhvi said, is that what we have seen the US markets decline for a maximum of three days. 

“Today, was the third day. So, it’s no big deal. We have seen the markets recover in the past. We need to look beyond the numbers to see why the markets have fallen. First of all, the coronavirus cases have reached a record high in the US. Donald Trump said that the curve is flattening but it hasn’t happened yet,” he said.

Singhvi explained that the other problem is that economic recovery will take a while. He added that the third reason is that Donald Trump is losing to Joe Biden in several parts of the US for presidential elections, as per a new poll. 

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“All of these are related to the US. However, we need to understand that the growth in Nifty was due to the global markets. Our economy will also take a while to recover and the number of cases are on a rise. So, there will definitely be an impact on the Indian markets too,” Singhvi said. 

He said that investors need to find a balance. There is no need to get excited after a day’s recovery or get disappointed after a bad day, Singhvi said. 

“You should be aware of your stocks and their stop-loss. The investors should know how much risk they want to take. This will solve most of their problems,” Singhvi said. 

The number of cases around the world linked to the disease has crossed 94.08 lakh and the death toll has reached 4.82 lakh. India’s coronavirus case count stood at 4,73,105, and the death toll rose to 14,894.


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