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Only ZeeBiz said buy into Yes Bank issue; Good returns came fast! We called it right, you made money


When the Yes Bank FPO was on offer for the stock market investors, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi was extremely brave to give a clarion call for investors to put their money in it. Reasons were many and among them was the logic that whatever wrong had to happen with the private lender had already taken place. The Market Guru also said that after the change in Yes Bank’s shareholding pattern, the stock and the bank itself were expected to perform better. Therefore, investors should buy into Yes Bank FPO. 

Significantly, when the Market Guru gave his buy call to investors, Yes Bank share price was around Rs 12 per stock levels. When it closed on Friday, the stock had shot up to Rs 14.10 per shares — logging around a 17 per cent rise!

Speaking on the Yes Bank share price rise, Anil Singhvi said, “Yes Bank share price has risen from Rs 12 per stock levels to Rs 14.10 on Friday. When the Yes Bank FPO was offered, I had strongly recommended to go for the FPO as there was nothing for the bank or the investors to lose. For those who were ready to take risk and go for long-term investment, Yes Bank at Rs 12 was an attractive offer and that caught my attention.”

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On what were the fundamentals that helped him give exact prediction for Yes Bank, the Market Guru said, “The shareholding pattern of Yes Bank was changed and the new management has taken over in this private bank. That helped me understand that the new management will take some strong measures because the liquidity issue was at core and the new management was ready to address that.” 

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He revealed that Yes Bank shares were already at their nadir and any boost in liquidity was bound to reflect in its stock rally and the same has been witnessed now.


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