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Only ZeeBiz said buy Yes Bank shares; as investors gain further, Anil Singhvi hails solid research, sound advice


Top Stock Pick: Contrary to the position held by most on the potential of Yes Bank stock, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi had recommended a buy on the share at Rs 12 – a price that was offered by the bank to investors in its Follow-on Public Offer (FPO). The Market Guru has been proved right in all respects and stands vindicated for his bold stance.

Yes Bank share price, which opened at Rs 17.05 today, has been growing from strength-to-strength. It has gone up by over 40 per cent in less than a month. While the investors have benefited, Zee Business made the Yes Bank stock recommendations on the back of  solid research and sound advice from the Market Guru himself.    

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The channel was flooded with queries from investors whether to hold the stock or sell it and the Managing Editor advised investors to be patient and remain invested. Singhvi had previously said that this stock is not among those which will give investors a happy high feeling, but it will surely earn returns up to 20-25 per cent annually. 

He also advised investors to see gains in percentage terms telling them to buy the stock and hold it for some time. 

Pointing out a common mistake among many investors, Singhvi had previously said “The problem is that investors are seeing it as Rs 2 gain. What they are missing is that the stock has appreciated by 15-20 per cent. If the stock has risen by this much, it is a good deal and most importantly a risk free return deal.” He had made these comments when the the stock was trading around Rs 14.10, to calm investors’ nerves.   

Singhvi had further said that the focus of the bank is changing now and whatever happened till now is behind us. Even the brand value of the bank is substantial now.  

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At Rs 12 a piece, the FPO was an open for all opportunity, he had said adding that there was no brokerage charge or STT (Securities Transaction Tax). The investors could not have asked for more, Singhvi had remarked.


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