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Petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged for a month now

For the 28th consecutive day, petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged across the country.

Global crude

prices have dropped to just below $71 per barrel, after it cooled down in July.

In the national capital, petrol continues to be sold for R.s 101.84 per litre, while diesel is also being sold at the unchanged price of Rs. 89.87 a litre. Petrol prices in all metros have crossed the Rs. 100 per litre mark.

Petrol prices in Mumbai are at an all time high at Rs. 107.8 per litre, and diesel is at Rs. 97.45 per litre. In Kolkata petrol is at Rs. 102 per litre and diesel is at Rs. 93.02 per litre.

However, in Tamil Nadu, petrol prices will fall by Rs.3 per litre as the government has cut state taxes on the same.

Ideally, the fall in global crude oil prices should mean that Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) reduce retail prices of petrol and diesel, as well. However, off late OMCs have decided to wait and watch until crude oil prices stabilize globally.

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