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Second COVID wave may impact income, liquidity position: JM Financial

on Tuesday said the challenges posed to the economy due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic may impact its income, liquidity position as well as demand for its financial products. On account of the uncertainties around COVID-19, the financial services firm’s total provisions by March 2021 stood at Rs 383 crore, JM Financial said in a regulatory filing.

“There may be further impact on our income, EPS (earnings per share) and growth rates in the coming quarters. However, such impact cannot be ascertained at present,” it said in the filing intended to give a picture of how the pandemic can impact its businesses.

In FY21, the company’s total income fell by 6.6 per cent on a yearly basis to Rs 3,227 crore. Net profit was up by nearly 4 per cent at Rs 806 crore.

The company said as part of the business continuity plan, a large part of its employees are working from home or remotely. It aims to resume operations in a calibrated manner while continuing to take all precautions to work in the post-COVID world.

Even as the company said it currently does not foresee any significant impact on group’s capital and financial resources, volatility and uncertainties in the credit market may impact its ability to borrow funds at reasonable costs, required tenure and quantum.

During FY2021, it raised Rs 3,123 crore through long-term borrowing.

On liquidity position, JM Financial said as on date it has adequate liquidity with cash and cash equivalents of Rs 5,351 crore.

The company offered moratorium to eligible borrowers last year as per the RBI regulatory package. As the moratorium is lifted now, there can be no assurance that these borrowers will make timely repayments, it said, adding, “These may have an impact on our liquidity position.”

The company said even as it has not opted for moratorium on its borrowings and has sufficient liquidity to meet the obligations, any adverse impact on the liquidity due to repayment default (by borrowers) may cause severe impact to its ability to service debt.

On the asset position, JM Financial said volatality in debt and equity market could affect the values of its debt, equity holding, investments, security receipts and realised gains or losses on disposition of those holdings.

“We may also face delays in disposing the security. In addition, our overall asset quality with respect to our lending business may be adversely affected if our borrowers are unable to withstand the financial pressures of the pandemic.”

Regarding the demand for its services such as wealth management, broking and loan products, the financial services player said any instability or prolonged periods of unfavourable market or economic conditions could lead to significant decrease in the volume and value of its products and services.

“The extent and/or duration of the pandemic could impact our ability to successfully introduce and grow our new products and services, and cause delays in transactions, proceeds of which were to be applied for repayment of loans.

“Further, movement restrictions could also impact the ability of our customers to avail our products and services,” it added.

Stock of JM Financial closed flat at Rs 80.70 apiece on BSE.

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