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Stock Market Tips With Anil Singhvi: Market Guru signals bull run, says just do this, reveals stocks to buy strategy


Stock Market Tips With Anil Singhvi: Changes in the market are happening fast and furious and many have been left wondering about which money-making strategy to adopt. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has stepped in and shed light on the way forward for investors.  He said that while the possibility of a dip in the early trade is low, there could be some fall during the intraday trade. 

Great situation for investors

However, the Market Guru said that there are no adverse indicators now and the global markets are trading strongly. The momentum is strong and the markets are closing at a 4-month high levels. Importantly, he said that there cannot be a better situation for the investors. 

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The only negative that remains for today is data which may cause some profit booking at higher levels or trigger a correction, Singhvi said. This data pertains to the foreign and domestic institutional investors.  

Stocks to buy strategy

As far as stocks to buy strategy is concerned, his advice to investors is to wait for right moments to make a buy call as and when this data triggers profit booking or a downward correction. Significantly, the Managing Editor reiterated his point that the investors should not miss any opportunity of buying on every market fall.  

The markets have been giving opportunities to investors to latch on to the stocks. On Wednesday, there was an opportunity when the Nifty opened in the negative. He also said that investors should ensure that they know the levels at which they should book profits or make an entry.  

Most sectors are gaining momentum one after the other, he said. The Mid cap and small cap stocks are contributing in the formation of a broad based rally.  

Bull Run Party!

Institutional investors, retail investors and traders have all come to the party and this is an indication of a bull market, the Market Guru said. The only thing missing in the markets are economic recovery and quarterly results of the companies. The markets have already discounted the impact of coronavirus pandemic and have understood that the immediate results are not likely to be great. They are taking a 12 month view. It is the collective wisdom of the markets to take a view of future – it could be three months…three days or three years.

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Despite a significant fall in the US markets on Tuesday, the domestic markets held themselves up on Wednesday.


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