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Stock Market Today: BSE Equity Derivatives Segment sets new record with single day turnover of Rs 168,450 cr

Stock Market Today: Momentum in the BSE’s equity derivatives segment continues to build, with the exchange reporting a new all-time high daily turnover record of Rs 168,450 crores on September 29, 2020. The previous high was Rs 162,055 crores on September 14, 2020. Since launch on June 29 this year, Sensex 50 contracts have rapidly developed robust liquidity and become the most successful new products in BSE’s history.

Commenting on this milestone, Sameer Patil, Chief Business Officer at BSE said, “Sensex 50 Contracts have been gaining traction as it offers the ideal hedging tool in a volatile equity market. These are still in the early stages, but they have received a great response so far, as we aim to widen investor participation and increase our member base. We are confident that these contracts will see significant growth in trading activity over the next few months.”

The S&P BSE SENSEX 50 Weekly Futures & Options Contract with Monday Expiry offers participants a unique framework to offset their equity risks with familiar products. The enhanced liquidity of these contracts along with BSE’s superior front-end trading software and co-locations services available free of cost, ensures that participants can hedge their equity risks in the most cost-effective way.

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BSE offers the most cost-efficient trading platform for Index options available in Indian markets. For instance, participants can envisage savings to the tune of INR 1.2 lakhs on a round-trip transaction exposure of INR 10 crores due to no transaction charges on the BSE platform. For a greater exposure, the savings are higher. This provides further opportunities for investors and businesses to not only protect their positions against price fluctuations but also save on transactions costs. Trading at BSE’s equity derivatives segment is currently free of charge, along with best-in-class trading infrastructure, co-location services, lease-line and front-end software.

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