Thursday, April 25, 2024
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RBI prompts primary dealers to trade in Retail Direct

[ad_1] The Reserve Bank of India offered a dedicated window for bond houses, known as primary dealers (PDs), through which they can exchange illiquid securities acquired through the Retail Direct platform with liquid papers. The move should encourage them to participate in the first ever platform for individuals, who are willing

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[ad_1] This_Home_is_too_Small_This_Ones_too_Large_Planning_for_a_new_home_during_COVID-1This Home is too Small, This One's too Large Planning for a new home during COVID-1DisclaimerDisclaimer The pandemic has exposed people to severe health and financial problems. But there are some secondary issues which people have come face-to-face with, owing to the lockdown and self- quarantining procedures. Yes,

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How should you change your financial resolutions in the pandemic

[ad_1] Heres_How_You_Should_Change_Your_Financial_Resolutions_in_the_PandemicHere's How You Should Change Your Financial Resolutions in the PandemicDisclaimer-1Disclaimer The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has had some far-reaching effects on the economy. Personal finance took the biggest hit at an individual level, with instances of job cuts, slashed salaries, and activation of loan moratoriums being reported across the

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