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Xander Group appoints 3 new directors to Indian NBFC Xander Finance’s board

The Xander Group Inc. has appointed three new directors to the board of its Indian non-banking finance company Xander Finance.

Rajesh Jogi, Tariq Chinoy and Varun Gopinath have joined the newly recast board as part of the company’s plan to ramp up its pursuit of emerging opportunities in the financial services sector in India.

Rohan Sikri, Senior Partner at The Xander Group, will continue as the Chairperson of the NBFC’s board, the company said.

Industry veteran Jogi is a risk management professional with over 30 years of experience in corporate, institutional, retail and private banking sectors. He has served in senior positions at leading global financial institutions and their Indian subsidiaries.

Tariq Chinoy has deep experience of working in the Indian asset management industry, including in private and public equity, especially in the areas of new business development, compliance, and finance.

Varun Gopinath, portfolio operations director at Xander since October 2020, has been previously part of entrepreneurial teams that built and scaled technology enabled real estate, lending, and e-commerce businesses.

“At heart we remain an entrepreneurial group and every platform we sponsor should always reflect that. Adding depth and breadth to the XFL board is a key first step in ensuring our well capitalized Indian NBFC remains nimble in its pursuit of new opportunities, while retaining the robustness in governance we expect from any Xander venture,” said Sid Yog, Founder of The Xander Group Inc.

The new board appointments are part of a larger reorientation of the NBFCs strategic goals, including a revamp of its Indian management team. The exercise commenced last year at the request of the Xander Partnership, which remains the company’s largest, and controlling, shareholder.

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