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Yoga Meets Markets: Swami Ramdev, in chat with Anil Singhvi, reveals how to get freedom from Greed and Fear


When Yoga Meets Markets: The stock market is, mostly, run by two factors — greed and fear. However, if someone knows the value of Yoga and does ‘Pranayam’ religiously, then these two factors can be controlled – it can be extremely empowering and will lead to good decision-making! Talking to Swami Ramdev ahead of the International Yoga Day, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi asked the Yoga Guru how a stock market investor can control these two factors.

Swami Ramdev explained, “Yoga has the capacity to control both greed and fear. One should follow Pranayam on a regular basis, especially deep breathing, Kapal Bharti and Anulom Vilom.” Ramdev said that if someone does Pranayam regularly, these two major feelings or desires can be controlled even when stock markets are highly volatile as they are during these tough Coronavirus-hit times.

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Explaining how Pranayam can help stock market investors get over greed and fear, Swami Ramdev said, “One should do deep breathing aasana for 2-3 minutes in the beginning and later on take it to the 5 minutes’ time. It will help the person get over respiratory problems and feel full of energy. In Kapal Bharti, one gets over the stress, anxiety and digestion related problems that help a person take the right decisions at the right time. Anulom Vilom also aids a person get over stress and anxiety and it will also help him to stay calm even when the markets are in extreme topsy-turvy mode. Finally, the last Pranayam is Bhramari Udgeeth, which enlightens a person and helps him get over greed and other such emotions, which is something that is very important for a stock market investor.”

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Swami said that if these Yogas are follwoed reguklarly, then both greed and fear factor can get controlled by the stock market traders.


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